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Keeping Faith

This series depicts a number of religious leaders and representatives practising in Scotland ​(circa 2002). Made as part of my graduation show at Edinburgh College of Art in 2003, the work was a response to 9/11 and fulfilled a desire to make work which enabled me to learn about and experience people of other faiths for myself. The work was recognised by Sara Stevenson (then Chief Curator of the Photography Collection at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery) and eventually purchased by the National Galleries and exhibited as part of a major show entitled Keeping Faith, 2003/4.

I was also commissioned to make more work for the national collection including the double portraits below of Revd professor Thomas Torrance and his son Revd Professor Iain Torrance - to commemorate the only time in history that a father and son have each held the post of Moderators of the Chruch of Scotland.

Images can also be found on the National Galleries website:

Luke Watson, 2003


Revd Prof Thomas Torrance and Revd Prof Iain Torrance, 2003

Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpoche (Abbot and Retreat Master of Kagyu Samye Ling), 2002

Cardinal Keith O'Brien, 2002

Rev Brian Smith, 2002

Hazif Abdul Shafor, 2002

John Maitland Moir, 2002


Rev Jim Jones, 2002


Anne Davies, 2002


Rabbi Ruben, 2002


Sandy Christie, 2002

Major Robert MacIntyre, 2002

Amrid Lal, 2002

The Very Rev Finlay MacDonald, 2002

Fergus MacDonald, 2002

Rev Bill Slack, 2002

Ragbir Singh Landa, 2002

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